Choosing a Type of Window For You

New windows can be a great investment option for your home. They improve the look of the home, can provide energy cost savings and can even make your home brighter. However, there are lots of different types of windows on the market, all with different benefits and uses. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the options you may need to consider for your home.

1) Double Hung Windows. The easiest way to describe these windows is that they can be opened by sliding the top pane down or by sliding the bottom pane up. They offer some convenience and can allow you to open the window in the way that best suits the situation. Stiff breeze blowing? Maybe only open the top window a little, to ensure that the breeze isn’t blowing directly in people’s face. Want to hand something to a guest on your back porch? Opening the bottom window will make things easy.

2) Casement Windows. Casement windows are opened with a crank and tend to open on a hinge on the side of the window frame. They are a great option for tall, narrow windows, often times in a bay window area of the home. Since nearly the whole window opens, they provide plenty of airflow to the room they are installed in and, with minimal window frame hardware or pieces, they generally have a large pane of glass and let in lots of lights.

3) Picture Windows. Picture windows are large, single-pane sheets of glass that are great for letting in plenty of light and for providing great views of the outdoors. Sometimes they even go floor to ceiling! The only drawback is that they aren’t able to be opened, meaning these windows are not a good choice for any room that you wish to bring airflow to.

4) Slider Windows. Slider windows are similar to Double Hung windows, but are positioned laterally rather than vertically. They offer the same benefits as a double hung window, so typically choosing one over the other boils down to the homeowner’s preference.

5) Stationary Windows. Like picture windows, stationary windows are unable to be opened. However, because they are stationary, they can be configured to nearly any shape or size. This allows some unique window placements, like around the corner of a room or a small circular window at the peak corner of a top floor bedroom.

There are plenty of options when it comes to choosing windows for your homes, even more than we’ve listed here! Choosing the right one can will make sure that your house looks great, has plenty of light and keeps you comfortable regardless of the time of year. You may contact professional window repair nyc to get them installed and improve the overall curb appeal.