Making Your Home Look Nice in 4 Simple Steps

When you’re going around your house cleaning, picking up, and taking the trash out, sometimes you forget to do the smaller things that really stick out to guests. Whether you’re hosting some sort of party, having a family gathering, or you just want to impress your spouse, we’ve compiled a list of easy-to-accomplish tasks that take little time yet leave quite a lasting impression on who you are as a homeowner. Check out our list of those tasks below.

Create a nice window set.

You know how when you look into someone’s windows, you get a decent idea of how the rest of their house probably looks from inside? Yeah. Well, you’ll want to make sure your living room looks nice if your curtains are ever open and people can see in. Obviously it doesn’t have to be perfect, but make it presentable.

Similarly, make sure there are enough things near your windows to complement looking out of them. Plants, end tables, books, whatever. Just make it look nice.

Clean out toilet bowls and any light-colored sinks.

Most average toilet bowls and sinks are light-colored porcelain, which means that they show just about everything possible. Rather than having rather unsightly marks around your toilet bowl or sludge build-up around your sink, you’re better off taking half an hour to scrub the porcelain in your bathrooms so that everything is spotless, shining, and perfect. A clean bathroom makes others feel more at home and relaxed.

Wipe down your windows.

This doesn’t take long at all to do and yet makes such a noticeable impression. By having windows that seem, well, seamless, you’ll ensure that no one sees any smudges. And this isn’t so much a thing that guests will notice as it is making sure they don’t notice small smudges or fingerprints. If your windows or glass doors are riddled with smear marks and smudges, they’re quite glaring and unsightly. But, if your screen door causes people to accidentally run into it because they don’t realize it’s there, you’re cleaning your windows and glass right.

Sweep and then mop your linoleum and hardwood.

Your floor will look amazing with natural sunlight glinting off of it in the day. This speaks volumes about your attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile for your home. While sometimes you may neglect your floors yet they don’t necessarily show smudges or pet hair, you’re able to tell when it is mopped and cleaned well, because the luster of your floor gleams like nothing else.