Capitalizing on Natural Light

A home gets a lot of its character from its lighting. For example, the paint on walls is affected quite a lot depending on if you have natural light coming in or artificial light from various bulbs. Sometimes, both look beautiful in your home. Other times, you’ll have to make a judgement call.

The thing is, most people don’t really update their home’s lighting often enough to match the times or the new theme their rooms have undergone with time. Sometimes, though, not a lot of bulbs are needed in your house if you have sufficient natural light. And even at night, you’ll only need ambient lighting to make a room feel really comfortable and lived in.

Using fluorescent or LED lights.

First off, you want to make sure all of your light bulbs are one of these. They’re energy efficient and some of the most environmentally friendly bulbs you can get (and they save you lots of money in the long run, too). Just make sure you get some of these bulbs over traditional incandescent bulbs in order to save on your energy bills and be more environmentally friendly.

Edison bulbs are in.

Edison bulbs are super popular right now. If you’re looking to emulate an industrial look of an era long ago, these are your best bet. These bulbs come in a variety of shapes, styles, and colors (dimmer or brighter), allowing you to style your home however you like. And these look wonderful in a big room with lots of windows and natural lighting. By turning these on in the evening when dusk hits, you’ll be creating an atmosphere that everyone will want to model their homes after. These are hip. They’re all the rage. And they’re super cool.

Dimmers are out.

These types of lights are simply outdated. If you’re looking to have a dimmer atmosphere, get bulbs that aren’t as bright in the first place. Being able to dim your lights seems like a thing of the ‘90s and early 2000s, honestly. The lights we’ve listed above are great at creating a more unique and ambient atmosphere, anyway. And besides, you want natural lighting throughout your house during the day. Artificial lights should only be highlighting your home when the sun has gone down and when you absolutely can’t see. Don’t succumb to outdated trends, like incandescent bulbs or dimming lights. Get more lamps if you want to change up the environment of your house in any given room.